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Boback Comments on Final Budget Agreement

HARRISBURG – Rep. Karen Boback (R-Columbia/Luzerne/Wyoming) released the following statement regarding the final version of the 2011-12 state budget, which is now on its way to the governor’s desk:

“Difficult times call for difficult measures, and the loss of federal stimulus dollars combined with the tenuous economy have put Pennsylvania in a financial bind.  Our debt – obligations for which our children will be responsible – has swelled by more than 67 percent.  Unlike the national budget, however, this budget must be balanced and will actually reduce state spending by more than $1 billion. The Pennsylvania budget realigns spending with the economic realities we face.         

“Despite the difficult fiscal situation, I remain committed to providing the children of this Commonwealth with quality educational opportunities.  Public education funding has been a top priority.  Compared to the governor’s proposal, this budget significantly increases K-12 education.  Those who claim the federal stimulus dollars as a loss to education are misleading the public.  Every school district had been advised that federal stimulus dollars were set to expire after 2010-11 fiscal year.  In addition to a historically generous Basic Education Subsidy, we have untied the hands of school districts by offering mandate relief to allow school districts greater discretion over how they spend available funds.  This budget does all it can for public schools with the limited money we have available.

“I have heard a lot about this so-called surplus from the current budget year.  Before we label this overage a ‘surplus,’ we must consider all the facts, including the nearly $30 billion Pennsylvania owes in underfunded public pension liabilities, $4 billion we owe to the federal government for propping up our unemployment compensation system and $3.5 billion we must obtain to annually fund our highway infrastructure needs.  When you have a debt, you don’t have a surplus.
“Many people in my district are depending on my promise of  responsible spending, as well as providing appropriate funding for education. I have heeded the will of the people to do the right thing and support a budget that does not raise taxes, rely on increased debt or treat taxpayer dollars like a limitless credit card.  This budget reflects our financial situation, and when we come out on the other side of this financial crisis, this Commonwealth will have laid the groundwork for a return to prosperity.”

More information about Boback is available at or

State Representative Karen Boback
117th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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