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Boback Announces Over $180,000 in Grants for Volunteer Fire and EMS Companies
HARRISBURG – Rep. Karen Boback (R-Lackawanna/Luzerne/Wyoming) today announced that over $180,000 in state grants has been awarded to fire and emergency response organizations in the 117th Legislative District.

“Our fire and EMS companies work incredibly hard to keep our community safe, and I am so pleased to see that they are receiving this much-needed funding. This grant money will ensure that our volunteers have the resources and training needed to continue providing their valuable services,” said Boback.

The funding comes from an ongoing grant program created by the Legislature and administered by the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency and Office of the State Fire Commissioner. All funding comes from the proceeds from slot machine gaming, and not general fund tax revenue.

Every emergency service organization that completes the application process receives funding. Projects eligible for funding include: construction or renovation of a fire or ambulance company facility, purchase or repair of equipment, training, or reduction of existing debt.

Following is a list of fire and emergency response organizations located in the 117th Legislative District and the amount of their grant awards: 

    • Dalton Fire Company - EMS: $7,201.70 
    • Dalton Fire Company - Fire Company: $13,561.96 
    • Fleetville Volunteer Fire Company Benton Township: $12,878.46 
    • Franklin Northmoreland Townships Ambulance Association - EMS: $7,201.70 
    • Harveys Lake Fire and Ambulance Company - EMS: $7,201.70 
    • Hunlock Creek Volunteer Ambulance Association EMS: $7,201.70 
    • Kunkle Fire Company - EMS: $7,201.70 
    • Lake Silkworth Volunteer Ambulance Association Inc.: $7,201.70 
    • Sweet Valley Ambulance Association Inc.: $13,561.96 
    • Franklin Township Volunteer Fire Company: $11,511.46 
    • Hunlock Creek Volunteer Fire Company: $11,511.46 
    • Jonathan R. Davis Volunteer Fire Department: $11.511.46 
    • Lake Silkworth Volunteer Fire Company: $11,511.46 
    • Harveys Lake Fire and Ambulance Company - Fire Company: $11,739.29 
    • Kunkle Fire Company - Fire Company : $13,561.96 
    • Sweet Valley Volunteer Fire Company: $13,561.96 
    • Back Mountain Regional Fire and EMS Fire Company: $14,401.70

Representative Karen Boback
117th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Media Contact: Morgan Dux
717.260.6695 / /
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