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Boback Releases Statement on Severance Tax Vote

Rep. Karen Boback (R-Columbia/Luzerne/Wyoming) released the following statement regarding her negative vote on Senate Bill 1155, which would institute a tax on natural gas extraction:


“I was prepared to vote in favor of a natural gas severance tax, but as written, this legislation will not have the desired benefit for the region of this Commonwealth where drilling is taking place.  An overwhelming majority of the revenue collected from this tax would go straight into the General Fund, leaving the communities in the Marcellus Shale region wanting.  This legislation will not protect our local municipalities, which will take the brunt of the drilling impact. 


“This bill is reminiscent of the slots bill, which was passed before I came to the House, in that it promises a lot, but in reality, it will do little for our municipalities.  If I am going to support a severance tax, my district better be shown the money. 


“We need a severance tax proposal that will genuinely benefit and protect the areas where natural gas drilling is taking place.  This legislation allows Harrisburg to profit off the communities and citizens who will pay the price for the drilling, and I cannot support such a proposal.  A tax on natural gas should be about protecting our drinking water and supporting the infrastructure in the shale region, not about building the coffers to support the out-of-control spending in Harrisburg.  When given the opportunity to vote for a severance tax that reflects the needs of my district, it will gain my support.


“I have been contacted by municipalities in the shale region who realize the passage of this bill will have a major impact on taxpayers.  As stated in a communication against Senate Bill 1155 that I received from the State Association of Township Supervisors, County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs, ‘failure to enact a severance tax with a robust local share means that county and municipal government – and their taxpayers – will continue to bear the brunt of local gas exploration and development impacts through their property taxes.’  This is not the right legislation for Pennsylvania, and certainly not right for the communities in the shale region.”


Rep. Karen Boback
117th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
(570) 477-3752
(717) 787-1117

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(717) 783-8063

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