Jan. 05, 2022

Due to the overwhelming number of inquiries I have received from residents regarding the proposed new boundaries of the 117th Legislative District, I am sending the following information for those who wish to provide their feedback.

Under the preliminary map, all of Wyoming County and part of Lackawanna County have been removed from the 117th. Basically, the 117th would be largely merged with the 116th Legislative District to encompass a portion of Luzerne County only.

The Legislative Reapportionment Commission (LRC), which is tasked with determining the new district boundaries, approved the preliminary House and Senate maps last month.

Residents can submit their concerns with the proposed maps on the LRC website at redistricting.state.pa.us/comment.

Residents interested in submitting feedback, but who do not have a computer or access to one, should send their comments in writing and mail them to the address below:

2021 Pennsylvania Legislative Reapportionment Commission
P.O. Box 203079
Harrisburg, PA 17120

The LRC is set to take a final vote on the maps on Tuesday, Jan. 18. In advance of that vote, the commission is accepting comment at a series of public hearings in Harrisburg. Residents can voice their concerns in person or virtually, but they need to register with the LRC in order to do so.

Registration for the hearings scheduled on Thursday and Friday of this week is now closed. Two more days of hearings will take place on Friday, Jan. 14, and Saturday, Jan. 15. However, the LRC has not yet posted information on those hearings on its website, redistricting.state.pa.us, where residents are also able to review the proposed maps.

In accordance with Pennsylvania Constitution, any person aggrieved by the preliminary plan may file exceptions with the commission. Any exceptions to the preliminary plan should precisely state the objections.

I will be providing more information via email about next week’s hearings once the LRC releases those details.

Representative Karen Boback
117th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Andy Briggs